Self-Mastery a Journey Home to Yourself MP3 Album

Self-Mastery a Journey Home to Yourself MP3 Album

This MP3 album contains 12 hours of educational material.


Imagine If Someone…

Imagine how much time it would save you if an author invested over 25-years compiling research about the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus and philosophers of the last 2500 years. What if this author took the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes and philosophies and blended them together into sixteen easy to understand spiritual Self-mastery lessons to help you accelerate your integration of these mastery principles?


That is exactly what Hu Dalconzo did when he wrote…

Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self
A Mastery Course For The Next Millennium


Hu Dalconzo

Hu Dalconzo wrote Self-Mastery...A Journey Home to Your Self book in 1998, and it has been an underground success ever since. Hu used his 25,000 Life Coaching hours of field experience to make sure that the Self-mastery book would be easy to understand, implement and integrate into your life. HLC’s Life Coaching certification graduates use this inspiring book to empower their clients and themselves.

Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self book has been an underground success for the same reason why the classic Think and Grow Rich has been a national best seller for decades. It contains success principles taken from hundreds of gurus and spiritual leaders. These proven mastery principles will accelerate your self-actualization process by helping you to quickly integrate these self-empowering exercises into your everyday life.

Hu’s talent as an author lies in the fact that he delivers these abstract concepts to you in a step by step, easy to understand set of sixteen Self-mastery lessons that contain self-help exercises, which you can use to manifest your goals and intentions. After decades of studying these mastery principles Hu has captured the core essence of these magnanimous leaders’ overlapping truths and principles and presents them to you in small, manageable pieces, which makes them easy for you to
understand and implement.

The Self-mastery… A Journey Home To Your Self TEXTBOOK AND CDS have universal appeal because they transcend philosophical and religious boundaries as it unites readers, who come from a diversity of faiths, as to why we are all One spiritually [Namaste consciousness].

HLC’s self-actualization trainers and Life Coaches use this empowering BOOK and CD ALBUM to instruct their Life Coaching clients and students how to quickly achieve their self-help objectives…and so can you!

Listen- An HLC Student’s Overview About the Self-Mastery Book.


“When I emotionalized the sixteen Self-mastery book lessons I felt a peace of mind that I have never known before. These lessons have helped me transform my intellectual knowledge into my own Self-empowerment (implementation of my knowledge),
which has positively altered my life forever!”


-Dr. Cheryl Delbridge, MD, FCAP

The Self-mastery, a Journey Home to Your Self Textbook and CD Album make a wonderful independent study course because it is food for the soul for anyone who is willing to implement the transformational lessons contained within its pages.

These life changing mastery lessons will teach you how to feel and release your healing feelings, which is an important mastery technique for everyone who wants to create consciously awakened, loving relationships.


“As a college professor I want to share with you that your Self-mastery book taught me that I can read all the books I want and still not awaken if I don't learn how to apply what I have learned. It feels like your book keeps shaking me to WAKE UP from my dream state, so I can keep emotionalizing my inner truth.”


-Dr. David Lowry

The Self-mastery MP3s make it easy for you to master these empowering principles while your hands are busy doing other things such as driving your car, exercising or washing the dishes. When you combine the Self-mastery textbook and audio they make a wonderful Independent Study Course.

It does not matter whether you choose the Self-mastery textbook, audios, or both, they make a wonderful gift of unconditional love to give to your inner Self or to a loved one.


This life-changing Self-mastery textbook and independent study course is a compilation of 25-years of research that includes journal edits, tapes and notes taken from the numerous lectures, seminars and intensives that Hu attended, plus a library worth of books that he read [See an abbreviated list of authors below]. It took Hu fourteen months and 84,000 edits to classify, simplify and organize these Self-mastery Lessons into simple to use mastery exercises that you can use to manifest all your hopes, dreams and intentions.

Deepak Chopra M.D.
Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Ram Dass
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Swami Muktananda
Pema Chodron
Lama Surya Das
A Course in Miracles
Dr. Venice Bloodworth
Stephen Levine
Eckhart Tolle
Stuart Wilde
St Francis of Assisi
Gary Zukav
Eric Butterworth
Emile Cady
Henry David Thoreau
Edgar Cayce
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Neale Donald Walsch
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Harry Palmer
John Bradshaw
Michael Ryce
Richard Bach,
Ernest Holmes
Jim Rohn
Marlo Morgan
Leo Buscaglia Ph.D.
James Allen
Dr. Robert Schuller
Bernie S. Siegel M.D.
Dr. Phil McGraw
Dr. Doreen Virtue
Bruce Wilkinson
Alan Walter
Louise Hay
Judy Wardell
Molly Groger
Sondra Ray
Shakti Gawain
John Gray
Marianne Williamson
Napoleon Hill
Dale Carnegie
Anne Katherine
Hermann Hesse
Laurence Boldt
Mark Epstein, MD
Dan Millman
Judith Duerk
Florence Scovel Shinn
Og Mandino
Anthony Robbins

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