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From the #1 School in No. America will Teach You How to Facilitate Like

Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra,
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Singer,
Brene Brown, Dr. Joe Dispenza
& Bruce Lipton

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Audio Course for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners titled:

SIX SECRETS SIX SECRETS- Every Successful Coach and Holistic Practitioner Needs to Know

You will learn about Trade Secrets such as, “Why Affirmations Alone… Don’t Work; How to Use the Laws of Manifestation to Create the Life that You and Your Clients Deeply Desire; How to Teach your Clients and Yourself- How to Protect your Boundaries in an Emotionally Mature and Self-empowering way” just to name a few.

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Your FREE AUDIO COURSE will teach you about Trademarked healing exercises taken directly from the #1 Transformational Certification Course in North America that has been certifying coaches and holistic practitioners for several decades.

Since 1993 HLC’s certification school has been field-testing life-altering exercises that have been proven on souls who are just like you to help the greatest number of holistic clients, achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time.

ADDITIONAL BONUS- Your Transformational Free Audio Course includes a series of videos that explain how to develop the life-altering skills you need to help your clients, family, friends [and most importantly your Inner-Self] how to live a Self-empowered Life.

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