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#1 Authority in Psychospiritual Coaching, Master Coach Hu,

Shares Life-Altering Healing Discovers

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The #1 Authority in transformational, psychospiritual coaching, Master Coach Hu, is retiring soon, so he has radically reduced his 2-Hour Coach’s Self-Mastery Orientation Class tuition by 70%.

Master Coach Hu’s intention for creating this Exclusive Tele-Class is to share with as many souls like you, as fast as possible his (1) Clinically Proven Healing Discoveries, (2) Life Altering Coaching Exercises and (3) Trademarked Success Systems that Hu and his life coaching certification school’s staff has been developing since 1993. So, together we can help co-create the critical mass tipping point that is needed to help solve humanity’s numerous global challenges.

With my body entering its 70s, my #1 priority is to pass our school’s life-altering healing discoveries to as many souls, healers, and practitioners as fast as possible!
-Master Coach Hu

Master Coach Hu earned the title “the #1 authority” in the psychospiritual coaching industry because he has facilitated over 20,000 transformational coaching sessions since he first started doing his inner soul work in 1977. He used his decades of field experience to write 13 professional coach’s textbooks. Plus, he wrote a conscious relationship novel, The Awakening- a Transformational Love Story, which was a #1 best seller on Amazon for several weeks.

Class Materials Included with this Limited Time Offer:

  • Two-Hour Interactive Coaching Class

    Master Coach Hu instructs new Coaching healing discoveries along with HLC's Coach's Success System with you and your classmates.

  • 9 eChapters From Coaching Textbooks


    These eChapters were taken directly from three of the Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course textbooks [over 90 pages].

  • Chapters From Coaching Audiobooks

    Hours of audiobook chapters are taken directly from the Spiritual Life Coach’s Certification Course.

  • Class Recording

    So you can replay the class lessons until it sinks deep into your subconscious mind.

  • Coaching Exercise + Bonus

    Self-Mastery Coaching Assignment, Client in-take Form, plus a Bonus Coaching Document are included.

Save 70%


If not you than who will help humankind solve our global issues? And if not now than when? But first, you need to transcend your own issues before you can help SAVE the Humans, which is exactly what HLC’s life-altering transformational courses were designed to help you do!”

-Master Coach Hu

Learn Trade Secrets

Master Coach Hu’s Trade Secrets Can Help You:

  • Turn Your Calling into a Career by doing the work you were born to do, as a spiritually-based transformational Life Coach
  • Experience how effective Hu’s Life-Altering coaching Exercises are for your self-care, family, and clients
  • Blend Hu’s healing discoveries into your own practice, which will help you build a strong referral-based practice
  • Learn how you can use these life-altering healing discoveries to play a proactive role as part of the global solution, while doing the work you were born to do helping people

This Class Will Teach You

During Coach Hu’s life-altering 2-hour Interactive teleclass you will:

  • Learn about the “missing link” in the conscious creation process, which stops many souls from manifesting their goals and desires
  • Listen as Hu reveals his trademarked success systems such as the self-empowering Maieutic Method.
  • Learn how to take clinical assessments, so your clients will have measurable proof as to how fast they are improving.
  • Discover why Hu’s clinically proven coaching exercises are very effective at creating the permanent behavior change that your clients are paying you to help them manifest

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities For a Few Special Souls

With the founder retiring, HLC needs to train a few additional professionals. Coaches- how to Coach HLC’s clients, Instructors- to teach HLC’s  Life Coaching Certification Courses and Public Speakers- who want to learn how to facilitate HLC’s weekend experiential Intensives called L.I.F.E. seminars.

Included Class Materials

  • 2-Hours of instructional class time with Master Coach Hu [normal rate $500 per hour] learning about new Coaching healing discoveries and how you can use HLC's Coach's success system to build a strong referral-based practice. 
  • eChapters and audiobook tracks from Self-Mastery, A Journey Home to Your Inner Self
  • eChapters and audiobook tracks fromThe HuMan Handbook
  • eChapters and audiobook tracks from Seven Spiritual Truths
  • Self-Mastery Coaching Assignment
  • *Tuition Savings toward the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification course
  • Bonus Coaching material
  • 101 Class recording

Self-Mastery a Journey Home To Your Inner Self Description

Imagine a book that has over 25-years of compiled research based on the works of the most magnanimous spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus, and philosophers of the last 2,500 years. A book that transcends spiritual and religious boundaries and takes you to a place where we all unite as One in Spirit.

The Self-mastery book utilizes the best of the best of these self-actualization teachers’ overlapping parables, principles, processes, and philosophies and blends them together into 16 easy-to-understand Self-mastery lessons and Coaching exercises for you to absorb.

This transformational book was also written as a support textbook to make it easy for holistic practitioners to teach these well field-tested Coaching exercises to their clients. This textbook is a foundational element of the HuMethod™ Certified Spiritual Life Coach’s Course. This clinically proven Coaching training system was designed for people who seek Self-empowerment and develop a successful career helping people.

The HuMan Handbook Description

This inspirational “handbook” simplifies esoteric concepts into an easy-to-read format so that they can be treasured by the novice as well as the seasoned self-help sage.

This empowering book will teach you how to achieve spiritual transformation by using the Laws of the Universe to create the changes that are needed to manifest the reality you desire.

This book covers a wide range of lessons from Presence and Beliefs to Self-Acceptance and Approval, to the Law of Detachment, to Boundaries and Forgiveness plus many more. In each chapter, The HuMan Handbook describes in detail the concept of each lesson and then how to apply it to your life now.

Seven Spiritual Truths Description

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo spent decades of research to uncover and develop these seven core truths that are found across many religions and philosophies worldwide. Although these different world perspectives phrase them differently, the essence of these truths is always the same. These seven truths are the core reason why HLC Coaching clients can transform their beliefs.

BE WARNED These empowering Spiritual Truths have a tendency to scare people because they collide with their “fixed” programming, which for most of us, is fear-based and self-defeating.

Course Details

Schedule- This interactive two-hour teleclass is offered once per month on Tuesdays at 6:00pm Eastern.

Description- The Life Coach's 101 Orientation class with Master Coach Hu, is an interactive teleclass that emphasizes learning via an HLC trademarked Coaching methods. Students like you will experience Coaching exercises that will show how HLC’s professional Coaching system will help you develop a successful practice or help you to add highly effective Coaching exercises and lessons to your existing practice.

This class is NOT a lecture class. You will actively participate with Coach Hu and your classmates using role-play Coaching exercises. These are the same exercises from the Spiritual Life Coaching certification course that are proven to create permanent behavioral change. 

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What makes HLC Coaches create a deep and lasting impact, is their ability to show clients how to permanently change their behavior, even if it’s stemming from deep within their past. This Coach’s free audio course, 6 Lessons EVERY Coach Must Know, gives you a look at exclusive Coaching lessons taken directly from the certification program. Coaching lessons like, why affirmations alone don’t work, how to use the laws of manifestation to create the life you want, how to develop your self-image, how to protect your boundaries, plus more.

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