Monthly Free Spiritual Coaching Products

Free Monthly Coaching Products

The Abundance Exchange is CLOSED

HLC's Abundance Exchange takes place between the first and second day of each month. During this time, HLC GIVES AWAY... and wants you to give away... FREE Spiritual Life Coaching products to help co-create the critical mass needed for global transformation. These products are in the form of Coaching lessons, the same ones found in the Spiritual Life Coaching certification program and ones HLC Coaches use with their clients to empower their lives and show them how to create permanent change.

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In exchange for your free products, HLC asks you to help spread the word about this altruistic program by sharing this page with those who you feel want to help us co-create the critical mass needed to create a global transformation of light and love.

We are all part of an “inner-net” of the Namaste consciousness where we are all one in Spirit.

Using the synergy created when we combine the Internet and our Inner-Net, we can quickly spread the word with a sense of urgency on why we need to act now.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was unimaginable that billions of souls worldwide could be in contact with one another simultaneously. Social networking on the internet has since become important tools to stay in community with one another on a global scale. HLC wants to harness the power of social networking to link our hearts and minds to educate the world about why we need a critical mass of souls to help save the humans. It is estimated that only 11% of us are needed to achieve the critical mass necessary to create a paradigm shift in consciousness. This shift will allow Self-empowered adults to consciously co-create a world filled with cooperation and peace. HLC’s Save the HumansTM free eBook comes with each month’s free Coaching product download, it explains in further detail about our Save the HumansTM campaign and what critical mass is.

"We must help... SAVE the... Humans one soul at a time starting with yours first because the first step to removing suffering from the world is to successfully remove your own suffering first, because you can only give away what is inside of you."

-Master Coach Hu

"So I ask you my soul friends... are you willing to be part of the solution?
We hope you join us in downloading
and sharing each month’s empowering
Coaching lesson."

-Master Coach Hu


About the Inner-Net of One Abundance Exchange

No. All healing modalities and Holistic Organizations are welcome to participate.

The easiest way to share this month's free Coaching product is to share this web page with your family member or friend so they can subscribe. Anyone subscribed will receive an email reminder when the products are available, all you have to do is return to this page and sign-in to retrieve that month's Free Coaching lesson. 

Yes. We want our Coaching lessons shared by all who need them. All we expect is for you to adhere to copyright law and not claim our products, Coaching lessons, and exercises as your own. 

Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word that means, I honor the divine place in you that is the same in me. When we acknowledge that level of awareness, we are One.

Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) is neither a church, nor a ministry, nor does HLC attest to any particular religious point of view. HLC is strictly a non-sectarian educational organization of higher learning that provides spiritual coaching courses, and educational products for spiritually awakened students. HLC offers educational programs designed for basic and advanced students, holistic practitioners, and people seeking Self-empowerment.