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Learn Six TRADE SECRETS Every Successful Life Coach & Holistic
Practitioner Needs to Know to Build a Successful Practice

LISTEN TODAY to your FREE Masterclass Audio Course recorded by the #1 Transformational Coaching school in North America that has been training souls like you since 1993.

Two of the Trade Secrets you will learn about are:
Why Affirmations Alone- Don’t Work, and How to Use the Laws of Manifestation to Create the Life that You and Your Clients Deeply Desire.

In Addition, You Will Learn:

  • How to manifest deep and lasting change for yourself and your clients using proven healing exercises that have been field tested on souls like you for decades.
  • How to correct Self-growth mistakes that many practitioners unknowingly make with their clients, and themselves.
  • If you already are a ‘holistic practitioner’ you will learn about healing exercises that you can use to expand your client services and income.
  • If you are a ‘natural coach’ who is working with your family and friends for free you will learn how to convert your ‘calling’ into a full-time career.

As soon as your fill out the form you can immediately begin learning about life-altering exercises that have been field-tested on souls just like you to help the greatest number of coaching clients, achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time.


ADDITIONAL BONUS: Your Free Audio Course includes a series of videos that explain how to develop the life-altering skills you need to help your clients, family, friends [and most importantly your Inner-Self] how to live a Self-empowered Life. So, if you don’t see them check your spam or junk folder.

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50% of HLC’s Certification Students
are already Holistic Practitioners
who Enroll to Expand their
Professional Client Services and Income

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