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An FAQ that many people ask is, “I’d love to learn how to facilitate financially successful Workshops, but I do not have any public speaking experience.

Then you will be glad to learn that Holistic Learning Center’s Dual Licensing Program was intentionally created so that a person who has no public speaking experience can learn how to “scale” [progressively improve] from small study groups to 2-hour workshop modules, to full-day workshops, to weekend intensives, if that is what they professionally desire.

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More About Holistic Learning Centers, Inc.

Holistic Learning Centers, Inc [HLC] has been in the Human Potential Training Industry since 1977 and is the #1 Transformational Life Coaching School in North America. HLC’s Dual Licensing Program educational goal is to teach licensees how to deliver workshops using HLC’s Proprietary Workshop Methods and Trademarked Self-growth Exercises that have been proven to create life-altering change.
That’s why if you want to facilitate financially successful ‘online’ and/or ‘in person’ workshops then HLC’s informative FREE 16-Trade Secrets eBook will serve you well.

HLC’s Dual Licensing Program is the best low-investment business opportunity in the self-help industry because it was built upon an impeccable reputation for the delivery of educational services promised since 1977.

That is why if you are also dedicated to the delivery of services promised, then HLC can provide you with a Proven Workshop and Coaching Success System along with the Marketing Support that you need to help you achieve your professional goals for yourself and humankind.

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