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The FREE AUDIO COURSE- SIX SECRETS- Every Coach & Holistic Practitioner Needs to Know to Build a Successful Practice will teach you how to coach using techniques similar to what Tolle, Chopra, Dyer [RIP], Brown, Dispenza, and Lipton use.

The FREE EBOOK- 16-TRADE SECRETS will Teach You How to Conduct Financially Successful ‘Online’ and/or ‘In Person’ Workshops using the same Trade Secrets the “Pro’s” use to facilitate effective self-growth workshops. Plus, it answers questions such as. “Why does less than 10% of professional speakers’ earnings come from their registration fees?” And how you can tap into the high earnings of the other 90% income producing methods, and so much more.

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Your two FREE GIFTS were selected because after 30 years HLC has created a Dual Licensing Program to celebrate our Transformational Coaching School’s successful field experience using our proven [1] Trademarked Transformational Exercises that have been clinically proven to be the most effective at creating permanent change, and [2] Proprietary Workshop Methodology.

As a result, students like you are taught how to facilitate life-altering coaching and workshop exercises that have been proven to help the greatest number of coaching clients and workshop attendees to achieve the most amount of Self-growth improvement, in the shortest period of time.

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[1] 16 Trade Secrets How Self-help Trainers Earn Extraordinary Incomes &

[2] SIX SECRETS Every Coach & Holistic Practitioner Needs to Know to Build a Successful Practice


More About HLC's
Dual Licensing Life Coaching Program

HLC’s One-of-a-Kind DUAL LICENSING LIFE COACHING PROGRAM is designed to jump-start your success by teaching you how to facilitate a proprietary, trademarked, "copy/paste" success system that includes lesson plans, exercises, and clinically proven self-growth healing techniques. Plus, you will learn how to conduct financially successful workshops [of all sizes, both virtually and in-person] using the Five Most Popular subjects in the self-help industry.

I’d love to learn how to facilitate Financially Successful Workshops, but I do not have any public speaking experience.”

 HLC’s DUAL LICENSING LIFE COACHING PROGRAM was designed to include people who have no public speaking or workshop-building experience. The program includes training on how to “scale” [progressively improve] from small book study groups to 2-hour workshop modules, to full-day workshops, to weekend intensives. The program was also designed for people with speaking experience. If that is you, you can begin conducting your workshops in the size and length relative to your level of understanding and confidence.

HLC is the #1 Transformational Life Coaching School in North America. and has earned an impeccable reputation for the delivery of educational services promised since 1993.

HLC’s DUAL LICENSING LIFE COACHING PROGRAM's educational goal is to teach you how to facilitate [1] Trademarked Self-growth Exercises that have been proven to create life-altering change and [2] conduct seminars, workshops or small book study groups using HLC’s Proprietary Workshop Methodology.

If you are dedicated to the delivery of services promised, then HLC can provide you with Proven Coaching Exercises and a Workshop Success System plus the Marketing Support that you need to help you achieve your professional goals for yourself and humankind.

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