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June 16, 2016


It is important to be OPTIMISTIC about Humanities Future because there is a financial vested interest in pessimism.

No journalist ever got on the front page writing a story about how a disaster could be avoided.

The media searches for doom because gloom makes headlines, sells newspapers and improves ratings.

*Read The Full Article Here*- http://bit.ly/1WOEJIT

  1. We’re Better Off Now Than Any Other Time In Recorded History…
  1. We Have More Access To Human Innovations…
  1. Worldwide Poverty is Nose-diving…
  1. Life Expectancy Across The World Has Risen Dramatically…
  1. The Important Survival Essentials Cost Less…
  1. The World We Live In Is At Peace…
  1. Rising World Standards of Hygiene, and Medicine…

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TY God!


Master Coach Hu

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June 2, 2016


Such as Rosary Beads, Mala Beads and Mantra Beads *
Master Coach Hu’s… Spiritual Life Coach’s Tip of the Week

In meditation, the repetition of a manta or affirmation is used to
help quiet the mind and focus one’s attention on the third eye.
As the egoic chatter slows down, the individual can find a state
of peace and calm and move into a deeper meditative state.

The practice of using finger movements or counting prayer beads
as one says a prayer, affirmation, or mantra has been a part of several
of the world’s major faith traditions including Christianity, Islam,
Buddhism, and Hinduism.  Rosary beads are used in the Catholic tradition
and Mala beads are a part of the Buddhist practice of meditation
as a repetitive movement to help to keep the mind focused.

New studies in neurology confirm the positive impact of meditation
on the brain.  Harvard neurologist Andrew Newberg, M. D., documents
the impact of repetitive movement on meditation.
“Our research suggests that the more complex you make your meditation,
the more you enhance additional functions of the brain.”

His studies have proven that slow quick, repetitive movement of the fingers
enhance the depth of the meditative experience.

It only takes a few minutes to use meditative beads or your
fingers to repeat an affirmation to center your Self into a deep
state of Consciousness.  Ancient wisdom and modern medicine tell
us that these few minutes can yield incredible results.

*Perhaps it’s worth a try!*

TY God… Namasté

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

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