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December 3, 2012

Coach’s Tip – How to Market Your Private Practice – Part 2

Last week I started to show you how you could use HLC’s website to give you credibility and validity with your new coaching practice.

This week’s Coach’s Tip provides more insight as to how you can build your Coaching Practice by utilizing HLC’s Website.

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How to Build Your Coaching Practice Utilizing HLC’s Website – Part 2

By Hu Dalconzo, Certified Life Coach

To review from last week, first and foremost I am a Life Coach, so when we built HLC’s website one of my intentions was to make sure that it can be used by our life coach graduates to help them build their private life coach practices.

Remember to use the Methodology, Why HLC is the Best and Clinical Testing pages to prove to your clients that you have mastered how to facilitate professional life coaching methods that will help them to create the permanent behavioral changes that they desire.

Following are six more HLC website hyper-links that will bring you directly to pages that you can use to build your life coach practice. With very little effort you can blend these visual web pages into your maieutic clientele recruiting presentation. Using HLC’s website as part of your visual presentation will help you build your client base in the same way that HLC’s service educators do for HLC’s life coaches.

Suggested Reads: This page contains an abbreviated list of the books that were used to develop HLC’s clinically proven self-help exercises and life coach certification courses. Therefore, when your potential life coaching client reads this list they will realizes that they own several of these books, which will help them grok that you are the perfect life coach for them.

Spiritual Philosophies: This page contains spiritual hot buttons that your holistic target market appreciates and understands. If you will practice how to facilitate the info on this page using the maieutic method [especially the Self-parenting poem] you will find that it will help you register new life coaching clients because your client will experience how powerful your life coaching techniques really are.

Testimonials: This page contains 21 audio and text testimonials. I suggest that you familiarize your Self with all of them so you will know what exact testimonial will help your potential life coaching client relate to how your self-mastery exercises will help them quickly achieve their self-help and life coaching objectives.

Hire A Coach: This page has a very powerful client video testimonial from Dr Jane Sennett who has successfully used HLC’s life coaching methods to improve her life. Plus, if you charge lower life coaching rates than HLC does your client will see how much money you are saving them.

Self-mastery Book and CD Album: Maieuticly use this page to show your life coaching client how you will use these 16 Self-mastery lessons to improve the quality of their life.

Self-help Bookstore: HLC’s Bookstore contains over 75 self-help and life coaching products from $10-$25 [Mastery MP3s, e-Books, Self-programs, 50 Life Skill SMAs, etc]. You can use these self-help products to build your life coaching client base in the same way that HLC’s service educators do for HLC life

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