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June 16, 2016


It is important to be OPTIMISTIC about Humanities Future because there is a financial vested interest in pessimism.

No journalist ever got on the front page writing a story about how a disaster could be avoided.

The media searches for doom because gloom makes headlines, sells newspapers and improves ratings.

*Read The Full Article Here*- http://bit.ly/1WOEJIT

  1. We’re Better Off Now Than Any Other Time In Recorded History…
  1. We Have More Access To Human Innovations…
  1. Worldwide Poverty is Nose-diving…
  1. Life Expectancy Across The World Has Risen Dramatically…
  1. The Important Survival Essentials Cost Less…
  1. The World We Live In Is At Peace…
  1. Rising World Standards of Hygiene, and Medicine…

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TY God!


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