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July 6, 2016

Why Dogma Creates Suffering

By Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

Religious, political, and scientific Dogma…
arises out of the incorrect belief that Intellectual Thoughts…
Can Sum Up Reality and Truth.

Dogmas create suffering because they produce a…

The Mind loves… Conceptual Prisons
because it gives it a false sense of security
based on a false belief that…
“Knowing… is the end-all and be-all.”

Nothing has inflicted more suffering
on humanity than… DOGMA.

Every dogma crumbles sooner or later,
because reality eventually discloses its falseness.

However… unless the basic delusion
that Dogma is a conceptual prison
is seen for… “what it is,”

it will quickly be replaced by another
dogmatic rational lie… ad infinitum.

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