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Mission Statement

The Mission of HLC’s Inner-net of One Abundance Exchange program is to license you, for 48-hours each month, to distribute HuMethod™ self-mastery products for FREE in exchange for helping
us educate people how we can co-create global transformation using the FREE SAVE the Humans™ e-Book. 

The SAVE the Humans e-Book, which was written in 1993, explains why we need a critical mass of souls who understand that we are all One in spirit to peacefully manifest global transformation.



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Relationship Mastery
e-Book & Audio Book

A Spiritual Relationship is formed when two people come together, as equals, for the purpose of spiritual growth. Such a relationship creates a holistic environment, which helps you grow faster than you could on your own. You can see through any negative human identities (roles) and create a space where you and your partner are ONE spiritually (Namaste). In this spiritual space, you can be emotionally honest. Emotional honesty creates trust and safety, which fosters emotional intimacy.


Learn more about Spiritual Relationships and how you can create them in your life with this e-Book & MP3 combination.  

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